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Transforming Metabolic Health

After more than 13 years of research, we have used advanced technology to transform tiny mineral particles into perfectly sized pores. These particles work like a sieve in your stomach, keeping digestive enzymes away from undigested food and improving your metabolism.

Captures Digestive Enzymes

The SiPore® natural mineral entraps a portion of your enzymes responsible for breaking down food containing carbohydrates and fat.

Slows Down Digestion

This limits the amount of sugar and fat entering your bloodstream. 

Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes

As a result, you will experience lower spikes in blood sugar, making you feel more energetic (fewer dips), fuller for longer, and experiencing fewer cravings.

Empowering Health with Innovative Science

"Embracing the synergy of biology and cutting-edge chemistry, our mission is to ignite a transformation in metabolism, paving the way for enhanced health and well-being. We are dedicated to crafting innovative materials that empower individuals to achieve optimal health safely and effectively."

- Prof. Tore Bengtsson, CSO and Co-founder of Sigrid Therapeutics