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Revolutionizing Metabolic Health

The science of metabolism demands precision. In collaboration with leading scientists and research partners from around the world, we are developing research-backed solutions in the realm of metabolic health.

Our track record includes peer-reviewed articles published in top-tier international scientific journals.

Patented Cutting-Edge Technology

Our SiPore® technology consists of naturally sourced, precisely engineered minerals. Created in collaboration with academic institutions and research partners around the world—including Sweden, Australia, the US, and Japan—our SiPore® technology is patented across numerous regions and countries.

Proven Dosage & Superior Stability

Plenty of supplements abound that use ingredients at irrelevant doses. We developed our supplement based on robust clinical and mechanistic research and preserved the biologically active dose in our product. Further, our technology consists of a thermally stable mineral, ensuring product quality throughout the entire shelf life and even under varying shipping temperatures.

Material Characterization

We use state-of-the-art methods to thoroughly analyze our porous mineral particles. This helps us gain a profound understanding of our particles properties and how they are connected to their effectiveness and allows us to maintain rigorous quality control.

Development of Novel Models

Our research goes beyond just using what's already out there – we're pioneering new approaches. Since we're working on an entirely new technology, we've created unique ways of understanding how it works. We at Sigrid not only use the most accepted disease models but also have developed novel mechanistic models.

Validation in Every Step

We perform rigorous validation at all levels of development, from lab bench to scale-up and the final product, with materials characterization, in-vitro experiments, and clinical trials.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Board consists of scientists, researchers, doctors, and authors across the fields of microbiology, physiology, material chemistry, and more — including some of Sweden’s most renowned investigators within metabolic health. They lead labs, teach at world-renowned academic institutions, and have among them 1,600+ publications and over 26,000+ citations in peer-reviewed scientific journals and textbooks.