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Patented & Clinically Proven

Over 13 years of rigorous research has meticulously refined this gem of wellness. Patented advancements in health science, 100% natural. 

Purity in Every Capsule

The SiPore® natural mineral undergoes a stringent purifying and cleaning process. This ensures not just effectiveness, but also aligns with the highest industry standards for supplement safety and quality.


SiPore® works locally in your gut without ever being absorbed into your bloodstream. It is like having a caring friend that guides you, but never interferes.

GRAS Certification

Self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), meaning that SiPore® has undergone rigorous assessment. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, ensuring that SIGRID Glucose Stabiliser meets the highest standards, suitable even for the most cautious users. 

Benefits of Daily Use

Healthy Blood Sugar​

Cuts sugar spikes after meals, promotes healthy blood sugar (A1C).

Weight Control

Reduces caloric uptake from carbs and fats. Promotes healthy weight management.

More Energy

Feel fuller for longer, avoid food comas, and experience fewer cravings.

100% natural

Made from a natural mineral, works locally in your gut without being absorbed into your body.